Conservation area appraisals

Conservation Area Appraisals give an overview of the history and development of each area and try to define what it is that makes them special. They also identify specific features which contribute towards their character, for example:

  • historic buildings

  • buildings which are locally significant

  • important green and open spaces

  • significant views

  • natural elements such as trees,

  • features which help make an area locally distinct

They may even include intangible qualities such as activities, sights and smells which are characteristic of a place. The documents also identify elements that could be improved.

Once designated, conservation areas are subject to regular review through a process of conservation area appraisal to ensure they maintain the high quality that led to their original selection. Appraisals can also identify changes to the character of a conservation area, and adjust boundaries as appropriate.

Visitors to the area may find these publications provide interesting information about special and interesting local features.

 The National Park have carried out a number of conservation area appraisals and management plans for some areas within the Lewes district.

Some draft Conservation Area Appraisals are awaiting formal adoption by the South Downs National Park and Lewes District Council.