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Lewes Local Plan Part 2: Site allocations and development management policies

The adopted Lewes District Core Strategy forms Part 1 of the Local Plan. 

The Local Plan Part 2 will allocate land for housing, including Gypsy and traveller pitches, and employment. It will also set out detailed planning policies to guide development and change in the period to 2030. When adopted by the Council, these new policies will replace most of the remaining ‘saved’ policies of the Lewes District Local Plan 2003.

We have previously consulted on the Consultation Draft Local Plan Part 2 and the Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 2. These documents can be viewed at our consultation page (see 'Closed' consultations).  You can also download the relevant Cabinet and Full Council background documents below.

We have now submitted the Local Plan Part 2 for independent examination.  A Planning Inspector has been appointed by the Secretary of State to conduct an examination into the soundness and legal compliance of the Plan.  Full details are available at our examination page.


Local Plan Part 2 will only cover those areas that lie outside of the South Downs National Park. The National Park Authority is currently preparing their own Park-wide Local Plan which will include site allocations and development management policies for those areas within the National Park.

Town and Parish Councils producing a neighbourhood plan have the role of allocating sites for development and setting out local development management style policies in their plan if they choose to do so. Therefore, where known, sites identified for development in emerging neighbourhood plans were included in the Topic Papers.  However, where it is the intention of emerging neighbourhood plans to allocate sites for development Local Plan Part 2 will not plan for theses areas.