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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Plumpton Parish neighbourhood plan

We are currently importing Neighbourhood Planning documents for Plumpton Parish. You will be able to download documents for the relevant stages of the neighbourhood development plan below as soon as they are ready.

Neighbourhood Area Designation Application (Regulation 5 and 6)

Consultation referendum dates

28th February to 11th April 2014


Application Form (PDF) [5MB]

Neighbourhood Area Designation (Regulation 7)

Decision notice dates

28th April 2014


Plumpton Neighbourhood Development Neighbourhood Area Designation Decision (PDF) [5MB]

Pre-submission (Regulation 14)

Consultation referendum dates

9th May to 28th June 2016

19th June to 31st July 2017


Plumpton Draft Neighbourhood Plan - May 2016 (PDF) [3MB]
Plumpton Draft Neighbourhood Plan - June 2017 (PDF) [3MB]

Further pre-submission details

Submission (Regulation 15)

Consultation referendum dates

5th October 2017 to 22nd November 2017


Consultation Statement reg. 14 Responses (PDF) [3MB]
Consultation Statement Appendices (PDF) [2MB]
Consultation Statement Report (PDF) [2MB]
Evidence base reports (PDF) [3MB]
Basic conditions statement (PDF) [243KB]
Local green spaces report (PDF) [2MB]
Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating SEA) (PDF) [1MB]
Plumpton Neighbourhood Plan Submission Plan September 2017 (PDF) [1MB]
Public Notice (reg. 14) (PDF) [176KB]
Consultation Response Form (PDF) [139KB]

Publicising a Plan Proposal (Regulation 16)


Summary of comments made in response to Regulation 16 consultation (PDF) [365KB]

Publication of Examiner's Report and Decision Statement (Regulation 18)


Plumpton Examiner's Report (PDF) [293KB]
Decision Statement (PDF) [559KB]


8th March 2018


Plumpton - Information Statement (PDF) [203KB]
Plumpton - Voting Information for Referendum (PDF) [239KB]
Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum version (PDF) [3MB]
Notice of referendum (PDF) [43KB]
Declaration of Result of Poll (PDF) [63KB]

Decision on the Plan Proposal (Regulation 19)

2nd May 2018


Decision Statement (PDF) [237KB]

Publicising a Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 20)


Adopted Plumpton Neighbourhood Plan (PDF) [3MB]