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Attending and speaking at public meetings

All public committee meetings are held in person, rather than remotely.  Details of how you can attend and speak at public meetings are set out below.  

Please contact for further information.

You can attend public meetings of the councils to listen to the discussions, and there are procedures for asking questions of the councillors present in specific instances, except those where confidential or exempt items are being discussed. The meeting agenda will make it clear either way and will provide reasons if the public are to be excluded.

Attending and speaking at public meetings - Lewes District Council

You are able to attend many of Lewes District Council's meetings of the Council, Cabinet and other committees to listen, and at times, ask questions to the councillors present.

Find details of meeting dates and times and contact the Committee Services team to submit a public question to Council or Cabinet, by midday, three working days before the meeting.

Questions should be made in writing by the deadline. You should provide your name, address, name of the organisation you represent (if applicable) and name the member of the Cabinet to whom your question is to be put.

You can have your say on an issue before it goes to Council, Cabinet or a committee. Discuss it with your ward councillor and the councillors on the Cabinet by sending comments to the relevant Council department. Please follow the guidance documents below.

Speaking at planning committee - Lewes District Council has a separate procedure for speaking.

Submit a question to be asked at Cabinet and Council meetings

Attending and speaking at public meetings - Eastbourne Borough Council

You have the right to speak at meetings of the Council, Cabinet and other committees of Eastbourne Borough Council.

Find details of meeting dates and times and register your interest to speak by contacting the Committee Services team by midday, two working days before the meeting.

You can also ask a public question at meetings of the Cabinet and most other council meetings, except Full Council and the Planning Committee. Questions should be made in writing and by the same deadline of midday, two working days before the meeting.

The Planning Committee and each Licensing Sub-Committee have different procedures for speaking. 


Contact us to object (make a representation) to premises licence applications in Eastbourne for alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment under the Licensing Act 2003.

Your objection must be made in relation to the four licensing objectives. We will not consider irrelevant objections. This form must be submitted within 28 days from the day after the date the licence was applied for, as specified in the newspaper and site notices placed by the licence applicant (ten working days for Minor Variations).

What will happen?

After you submit your representation, you will be invited to attend a Licensing Sub-Committee hearing which will be arranged to consider the licence application.

You should be aware that any representation, along with your details will normally be released to the applicant and/or their agents as part of the process, unless you indicate that there are exceptional circumstances where you believe that your details should not be released. Please contact us where you believe this to be the case.

I declined to speak at the Licensing Sub-Committee but have changed my mind

Making representation gives you a right to speak at the relevant Licensing Sub-Committee. We will have sent you a confirmation letter which requests that you inform us if you wish to speak. Please contact us directly if you have changed your mind.

Planning Applications

To comment on, object to or support an open planning application you first need to find the application in our online planning system:

  1. Go directly to our online planning system
  2. Search for the planning application or view the most recent weekly list
  3. Select the Application Reference link
  4. When the 'Details of Planning Application' are displayed, select the Comment button at the top of the page
  5. Complete and submit the details as requested.
  6. If you wish to request to speak at Planning Committee go to directly to the webpage: request to speak at Planning Committee and follow the instructions. Further details can be requested by emailing: