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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Paying to park with RingGo cashless parking

What is RingGo?

RingGo is a service that offers motorists the option to pay for parking with a debit or credit card. To find out how RingGo works visit how cashless parking works.

There is a fee to use the RingGo app of 20p per transaction, plus an optional 10p to be notified by text message before your parking expires. 

Tell me more

  • you can pay for parking with a credit or debit card
  • you don't need coins or the ticket machine
  • you can top up parking time without having to return to your vehicle
  • you don't need to display a ticket

How do traffic wardens know that I have paid?

Traffic wardens use hand held mobile devices to check whether parking has been paid for via the RingGo service.

Where can I park using the RingGo service?

To find parking locations that accept the RingGo service in Lewes district and Eastbourne visit where it works.

All off street parking car parks owned by Lewes District Council accept the RingGo payment option.

How can I get started using RingGo?

You can pre-register with RingGo by using the RingGo smartphone apps that are free to download or visit register with RingGo.

You can also register at the same time as you want to park, either by using the RingGo apps, which you need to download or by calling RingGo 020 30460060.

You need:

  • a debit or credit card and a phone or pc to contact RingGo
  • the details of the vehicle you want to register including make, colour and number plate