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Historic searches

For various reasons, including when you are selling your property, it is necessary to obtain copies of approvals and / or completion certificates for historic building works carried out on your property.

How can I request copies of historic building control documents?

  • For documents relating to properties within the Eastbourne Borough after 1st April 2011, you will need to contact the East Sussex Building Control Partnership. Any documents prior to this will be handled by Eastbourne Borough Council.

To request copies of these documents, please contact us. You will need to provide a building control application number. Application numbers will be listed on the local searches that you may have carried out. A local search will list all historic applications relating to your property. We keep applications dating from the 1940s in our archive, but please be aware that old files may not contain detailed information, as building regulations were not in existence prior to 1966. Works carried out before this date were regulated under building bylaws. 

Please note, to obtain historic building control documents, charges will apply. 

What if I do not have an application reference number?

If you do not know the application reference number, please contact us with the address of the property and as much information as possible to describe the works carried out including an approximate date. Please note, research fees will apply.

Completion certificates

Before 2002, completion certificates were not routinely issued. In these cases, we may be able to produce a letter confirming a satisfactory final inspection, if there is sufficient evidence on the file to suggest a final inspection had been carried out and the works completed met the building regulations. This letter normally satisfies a solicitor's request.

If it is discovered that a final inspection was not carried out, we can arrange a date for inspection within 5 working days of your request.

Can I obtain copies of approvals?

Copies of building regulation approvals may be available for historic full plans applications. Please note, approvals are not issued on building notice applications. The only documentation available for building notice applications will be a copy of the completion certificate, if one has been issued.

Can I obtain copies of historic plans?

All architect's and engineer's drawings are the copyright of the original author. The author continues to hold the copyright for 50 years after their death. It may be possible to obtain copies of historic plans if you have the written permission of the either the original author, or a member of their business or family.