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Apply for a food premises endorsement for export (PEE) certificate

Food premises endorsement for export (PEE) certificates merely state that your premises is registered with the local authority and is subject to regular and periodic inspections.

The certificates are printed and signed by local authority Environmental Health officers or specially authorised Food Safety officers. They are only for products and countries not on the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) list.

The certificate makes no reference to the actual goods being sent and the goods are never inspected prior to issue of the certificate. 

The PEE certificate can be issued once the export has left the local area and the United Kingdom if necessary, but we recommend that you apply before it leaves the UK if you can.  

PEE Certificates are not accepted by all countries. You should check with your customer or the import agent in the destination country or the export agent here in the UK before applying.

Fees and payment

The fee for this service is £234.00.

You can apply to us for a PEE certificate online. Payment will be taken at the end of your application. 

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