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Seaford Town neighbourhood plan

Download documents for the relevant stages of the Seaford Town neighbourhood development plan below.

Neighbourhood Area Designation Application (Regulation 5 and 6)

Consultation referendum dates

27th November 2015 to 8th January 2016


Seaford Neighbourhood Plan Neighbourhood Area Designation Application (PDF) [868KB]


Neighbourhood Area Designation (Regulation 7)

Decision notice dates

13th January 2016


Seaford Neighbourhood Plan Neighbourhood Area Designation Decision (PDF) [4MB]


Pre-submission (Regulation 14)

Consultation referendum dates

3rd November 2017 to 2nd January 2018


Seaford Neighbourhood Plan Pre Submission Version (PDF) [5MB]

Draft Sustainability appraisal incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment (PDF) [1MB]

Non-technical Summary to Draft SA incorporating the SEA (PDF) [210KB]

Evidence report of Local Green Spaces (PDF) [4MB]


Second pre-submission (Regulation 14)

Consultation referendum dates

1st November to 13th December 2018


Second Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan (PDF) [5MB]

Amended draft sustainability appraisal incorporating SEA (PDF) [3MB]

Amended evidence report of local green spaces (PDF) [4MB]

Design Guide (PDF) [6MB]


Submission (Regulation 15)

Consultation referendum dates

24th May to 5th July 2019


Public Notice (PDF) [209KB]

Basic Conditions Statement (PDF) [625KB]

Seaford Neighbourhood Plan (PDF) [8MB]

Consultation Statement (PDF) [1MB]

Annex A (appendices C D E F) (PDF) [491KB]

Landscape Character Views (PDF) [8MB]

Design Guidelines (PDF) [82MB]

Lewes Local Plan Part 2 Neighbourhood Plans Habitats Regulations Asses.._ (PDF) [7MB]

Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment) (PDF) [4MB]

Seaford Consultation Form (PDF) [146KB]


Publicising a Plan Proposal (Regulation 16)


Summary of Regulation 16 Representations (PDF) [444KB]


Examination (Regulation 17)


Examiners Queries - Letter of Clarification with Local Planning Authority and Qualifying Body Response (PDF) [223KB]


Publication of Examiner's Report and Decision Statement (Regulation 18)


Examiner's Report (PDF) [383KB]

Decision Statement Reg 18 (PDF) [522KB]



Seaford Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Version (PDF) [6MB]

Information Statement (PDF) [403KB]

Voting Information for Referendum (PDF) [437KB]

Notice of Referendum - Seaford (PDF) [124KB]

Declaration of Result of Poll - Seaford (PDF) [67KB]


Decision on the Plan Proposal (Regulation 19)


Decision Statement Reg 19 (PDF) [245KB]


Publicising a Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 20)


Adopted Seaford Neighbourhood Plan (PDF) [6MB]