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Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Apply for planning permission

This guidance explains how to apply for planning permission online using the planning portal.

You can apply for planning permission online using the planning portal. Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload plans and supporting documents and pay fees online. Please make sure you have read the validation requirements below before starting your application.

You are advised to read the planning portal guide on how to apply before starting an application. The guide provides important information on what to submit and how personal data is used for planning applications.

There are many types of planning permission you can apply for. Visit the Planning portal to find out which type of planning permission you need:

Some consent types are not available to apply for online but you can download paper copies. Paper copies of all forms and guidance notes are available to download as PDF documents that you can print out, complete and submit by post.

You will need to include a plan with your application.  You can buy a plan online from the Planning Portal.

You must pay the correct fee for your application. You can calculate fees or download a guide to fees for planning applications online at the planning portal.

You may need to include other supporting documents with your application. You must include all relevant national and local requirements with your application.

Personal data and planning applications

With the exception of the applicant contact details (telephone numbers and email addresses), all the information you provide on the application form and in any accompanying documents may be published on the website of the local authority dealing with your application.

To avoid the publication of personal details, do not include them, or any other information which falls within the definition of personal data under data protection legislation in documents supporting your application. 

For further information and your rights on how the council uses your personal information please read our planning privacy notice.

Before starting an online planning application

Before starting an online planning application, please read the local validation requirements below, for your area. Find out if Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charges apply for your development. Please note that the requirements are different for each council. You should read all the information relating to your area to ensure you have provided all of the required documents for your development.

Your planning application will not be validated until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received.

You should also read the national requirements from the Planning portal on what to submit.

Apply for planning permission - LDC

Validation requirements

Before submitting your application to Lewes District Council you must check the validation requirements for your development on the local validation list below. If you do not submit all of the documents required under the national and local validation lists your application will be invalid and will not be processed until all the information has been submitted.

Further information on what the documents should include is detailed in the Appendices below. All plans must be drawn to a recognised scale, clearly stating the scale, paper size AND showing an accurate scale bar.

Please Note: We only require 1 copy of Application Forms, Plans and Documents for Planning Permission and not 1 original and 3 copies as stated on the application forms.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The following application types must include a completed CIL Additional Information Requirements form available to download from the Planning Portal:

  • full planning permission
  • householder consent
  • listed building applications (resulting in an increase in floor space)
  • reserved matters following an outline planning permission
  • lawful development certificates
  • variation of conditions (where there is an increase in floor space)
  • prior approval for change of use to residential or retail

Apply for planning permission - EBC

All applications

Before submitting your application to Eastbourne Borough Council please make sure you have read the appropriate validation list for your project. You will need to include all of the required documents from the national and local validation list with your submission. For householder applications please submit the householder validation checklist to ensure you have submitted the correct documents with your application.

When you submit an online planning application you should make sure your files, photographs and documents meet the standards for online planning applications.

Listed building consent and planning permission affecting heritage assets

Any application which involves a listed building, scheduled monument or falls within a conservation area or an archaeological notification area must submit the following documents before the application can be validated:

  • Heritage Statement to identify the heritage asset(s) and potential for other non-designated heritage assets on the proposed development site, describe their significance and the potential impact of the proposal on that significance.
  • An Assessment of Significance pro-forma. This pro-forma may be included as part of a Design and Access statement and may be supplemented with additional reports, studies, historic information, photographs and any other information where relevant.

The guidance note below sets out the information that should be submitted as part of an Assessment of Significance, and where to find that information.

You can download these documents below.

Apply for planning permission - SDNP

All applications in the South Downs National Park (SDNP) must include all of the documents and information set out in the SDNP local validation list.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

All applications must be submitted with the CIL Additional Information Requirements form available to download from the Planning Portal. Current SDNP applications determined after 1 April 2017 may be CIL liable.   

Use the Do I live in the National Park tool to check if your property is within the park.